Thursday, August 12, 2010

Think About It Thursday

I had a silly little idea to make up my own little meme just for the hell of it. I had several little questions that I wanted to ask the blog world and this seemed to be the funnest way to go about it.If it's a dumb idea, then no biggie.

Here's the plan. Every Thursday I'd like to throw a question out there for anyone who cares to answer it on their own blog. I'll include a link list so you can link to your posts and share your thoughts on the subject. I'm hoping (eventually) for questions a little more thought provoking than favorite books, author etc. Which are good questions but are asked A LOT! Of course, this is where you come in. Help a girl out and email me any question ideas. Please include your name and blog address so I can credit you if I use your question.There is a button to contact me on the upper right side of my blog.

This week I'm going to keep it fairly simple. My mom and I talked to me about why we like to read. Mom likes it because she says it's like traveling to different times and places that she may never get to see otherwise. So this week's question is:

Where/When is your favorite literary vacation spot? Not necessarily your favorite book but a setting and or time period from a book you'd actually like to visit. 

I have several, who doesn't? I think it would be simply fabulous to hang out in the wizarding world of Harry Potter for a few days but only after Voldemort is gone, of course. I also think that Bon Temps from the Sookie Stackhouse books would be wild to visit though that may be dangerous as well, though well worth it if I get a glimpse of viking Eric. If it's as beautiful as the movie, I'd like to go to Japan and see the geisha from Memoirs of a Geisha. Maybe get one of those gorgeous kimonos. I'll also blame my high school obsession with all things Nicholas Sparks for my desire to visit North Carolina someday. He just makes it seem so idyllic and pretty.

So please leave your link and let us know where you'd like to go.


Shannon said...

Very cool! I really like this and will be posting to answer your question shortly. :)

Viktoria said...

I think I´d like to hang out with Laurie R Kings heroine Mary Russel for a bit. She´s living in the 1920´s, she´s been to Oxford, she´s incredibly smart, she works sometimes as a kind of pre-James Bond for a kind of pre-M (Mycroft Holmes,) and she is married to the sexiest sleuth of them all, Sherlock himself. Or wait, I´d like to BE her, I think...

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