Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Think About It Thursday 8-26

 Think About It Thursday is a tiny little meme that I host, mainly to amuse myself by asking whatever silly question pops into my head. If you'd like to play along with me just answer the question on your own blog (or in the comments) and leave your link below so I know who I'm playing with.

This week's question is:

Is there a character that reminds you of yourself or someone else. Why?

This question came to me while reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen a few weeks ago. Elinor and Marianne totally remind me of my sister and I. My sister would be the Elinor of our relationship. She's the responsible one, the dependable one, and the one who thinks things through before doing them. I am so Marianne, flighty, over-dramatic, over-emotional and I jump in head first and deal with the consequences later. I believe my mom would love to splice us together to make one perfect daughter as I need more of her responsibility and she needs more of my laid-backness (yes, I made that word up). Unfortunately we're not as close as the Dashwood sisters but it's harder as we haven't lived together for quite sometime.

 Ok your turn! If you have a suggestion for a future question, shoot me an email using the contact link in the right sidebar.


Cortney Lyon said...

Good question this stumped me. I really enjoy this weekly meme and look forward to it. Keep it up, I'm trying to get some of my followers to hop on board too.

Roberta said...

Ahhh Rachael I can so relate to you and your sister in "Sense & Sensibility"...we also have another sister so I can also see us in "Little Women"
Thanks for hosting again and be sure to hop on over and check out my Pink Saturday Post with a bunch of giveaways. Fondly, Roberta

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