Review Policy

If you are a publisher or an author and you would like me to review your book feel free to contact me at  I am willing to accept ARC format, hardback or paperbacks. At the moment, I do not own a Kindle, Nook or any type of e-reader device and so I am unable to accept e-books for review at this time.

Along with my blog, I also post reviews on, Goodreads, and Librarything as well as linking the review to my Twitter account. I can and will post my reviews at other trustworthy sites such as Amazon when asked.

I read mostly general fiction, contemporary literature, historical fiction, YA, and classics. I have 3 children who I am willing to read children’s books with and will give their reaction to the book along with my review.

I sometimes read  chick lit, mystery, suspense/thrillers, biographies/memoirs or paranormal fiction.

I rarely read non-fiction, erotica, horror, science fiction or fantasy novels.

I am willing to branch out of my usual preferences if the subject matter is compelling enough so it never hurts to ask.

I will not guarantee a good review, just my fair and honest opinion. I do try to find the good in everything and will point out it out to give a balanced, polite review.

I will do my best to publish a review within 3 months from the day I receive the book in the mail. If you need the review published quickly please let me know and I will work on getting it done quickly. But please only ask me to do this if it is absolutely necessary. If you would like me to hold the review for a later date, such as near the books release date, please just let me know.

I do not ever sell any book that I receive though I may pass them along to friends and family who I think may enjoy them. I may also use them in giveaways or donate them to my local public library.

When contacting me about a possible review please include a description of the book, if there is a preference for when the review is done (such as ASAP or shortly before publishing) and whether or not you are comfortable with me giving away your advanced copy.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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