Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Book Blogger Hop

It's Friday so I'm joining in the Book Blogger Hop hosted by Crazy-For-Books. Every week a ton of bloggers sign up and it's lots of fun. Every week comes with a question for everyone to answer.

This week's question is   
How many books do you have on your 'to be read shelf’?

Ok, I don't have a TBR shelf. I have an 'already read' shelf of books I've collected over the years but I've read them all, with the exception of a few textbooks. Having been unemployed for over a year, my book buying funds are practically nonexistent. So, my TBR shelf is now located at the public library. Gotta love the library! I do have a TBR list as most of you know. It's located HERE and it has 973 books left on it. 

So those of you with a shelf, how many are on there?


Melody said...

Hi there! visiting from the hop, and a new follower. Have a great weekend!

Beverly said...

Hey - just hoppin' by! Hope you have a great weekend! Stop by The Wormhole and say hi!

Jazz R.J. said...

I'm stopping by from the hop. Lovely blog. Have a happy weekend. Keep it shiny!

Becky (Page Turners) said...

I love that thought - the library as the TBR shelf. I will definitely remember that. I recently read 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff and she makes a comment about how she isn't a big fan of book shops per se, because she browses in the library and then buys books once she knows that she loves it and will re- read it

nymfaux said...

Happy Friday!!!--Stopping by from the hop!--I'm a new follower!!!

my tbr number is a little high right now, too--but to be fair, I'm also including all the classics and such that I'd like to read "someday." The actual pile on my desk is much smaller ;)


Amanda said...

Hi there,

I've read a few of the books on your list and I've got a few on my TBR.

I really admire your goal of reading all 1001 Books - and I'm really fascinated by it.

Would you be up for an interview for a podcast via skype?

stujallen said...

hi love that your reading through 1001 to read list I ve read bout 120 from list got another 20 or 30 round house waiting to be read ,wish you luck on your read through have few reviewed on blog ,the is a santa evita reading group in sept ,all the best stu

Reading Rachel said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I'll be returning your visit sometime to day.

Becky- I do exactly what Helene Hanff was saying. Especially because a lot of these books are not my usual kind of book. So I read the library copy and if I love it and would read it again I add it to a 'to be bought' list.

Amanda- I would love to but I don't have skype or even a webcam. I'm beyond flattered though.

Stu-I'll have to look into that reading group. Sounds fun.

Thanks again everyone!!

4IQREAD said...

Greetings! My TBR pile is 60 books high and growing. I love to read historical fiction and mysteries.

pussreboots said...

Happy Friday. Come see how many books I have on my TBR pile.

Jinky said...

My TBR pile is the library too!! --I like your title...a friend of mine has a goal of 1000 and she calculates to be done in 2005. btw, is this the same group in Goodreads?

Have a good weekend.


Reading Rachel said...

I'm using the same list as the Goodreads group and I'm a member of it there but I'm just a crazy woman trying to read entirety too many books on my own. I figure I'll be done in 2020 ish. I'm 28 and I'm hoping to be done before I'm 40.

Julia said...

Stopping by from the hop. I really like your layout! I'm headed out to look around now :)

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