Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Websites

This week the Top Ten Tuesday list is all about our favorite bookish websites, apps, etc.

1. Goodreads- This is a no brainer. If you haven't heard of or used Goodreads yet, well, you better get on that. It's fabulous. Plus, they give away books! That's reason enough.

2. Library Thing- This one is similar to Goodreads and I admit I don't use it as much but they also give away books through their Early Reviewers program and for that, they make my list.

3. Net Galley- I'm new to this one since I've only had an e-reader for about a month but again, they give away books. (Are we sensing a pattern in my list?) If you read e-books, this is a great place for you.

4. Shelf Awareness- I love their newsletter because it's chock full of bookish news and ads for awesome upcoming releases. Oh, and the occasional link to request free ARCs! (There I go with the free books again.)

5. Barnes & Noble- Sorry folks, no free books here but since I got my nook I find I spend a lot more time on this site.

6. Amazon- I tend to use this one in conjunction with Swagbucks. I use swagbucks to search and earn points which I redeem for free Amazon gift cards which I then use to buy books. Been working pretty well for me so far.

7. Flashlight Worthy Books- This site is full of bookish lists and a great place to hunt down awesome book recommendations.

8. Calibre- This program has been invaluable to me since I got my nook. I could NOT figure out how to sync most of my books to the nook until I downloaded calibre. I LOVE this program.

9. Project Gutenberg- And we're back to the free books. If you are a classic lover with an e-reader this is a great place to load up on free classic lit. Yay!

10. Your local library site.- The original free book site, even if you have to give it back in a few weeks. Gotta love the library!


Belle said...

Awesome list, thanks for the recs!

Phantom Paragrapher said...

Some Good Ones here , Im a Old Follower

gautami tripathy said...

Today's meme has made my day! I am finding many great book related links. Thanks!

Here is my Top Ten post!

Mimi said...

BNN is a must if you own a Nook. Also a fan of NetGalley :)

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Goodreads ROCKS :-)

Sarah said...

Aww I like the you mentioned the local libraries! It's true, I actually log onto my library's site a lot to check my holds, due dates, and search for books. Good thinking!

Anne Bennett said...

Thanks for the tip of Flashlight worthy books. I am adding it to my list!!!!

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I have never heard of flashlight worthy books. It sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing. And great list.

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