Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday Blog Hop- Shopping!

Book Blogger Hop

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This week's question is:  

 "If I gave you £50 (or $80) and sent you into a bookshop right now, what would be in your basket when you finally staggered to the till?"
Holy crow, this is a hard question. I have a few books that I've read and loved but don't have a copy of I would like to think I would finally grab those but I am a total impulse purchaser. If I was on the spot I would forget what I need and end up grabbing a handful of books whose covers or titles caught my eye and whose synopsis didn't turn me off. Unless it's for a class or something definite I usually walk into Barnes & Noble planning to buy one thing and walking out with something pretty that stood out to me. I suck like that. I apologize for the non-answer but I wouldn't know till I was standing in line at the checkout.

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Nicki J Markus said...

Hopping by. Great blog!

Nicola (

Kylie1403 said...

You know what sucks! If you go to the bookshop with your $80, they are prob out of what ever it is you want lol

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I'm an impulse buyer as well. I went to my wish list and listed the my top choices.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic

Marrion said...

New follower! From the Hop! :]

Here's my Blog Hop and Follow Friday. :]

Kristen said...

Just hopping on by! Great blog ... lots of great books reviewed on here!

Check out my blog at:

Have a great weekend!

KC said...

Hi there! New follower from the blog hop :)

My answer came from my wishlist on, but I'd probably end up with a few impulse buys too when I actually ended up in the store! Shiny new covers are hard to resist :)

Please visit my blog if you have time,

Brenda Youngerman said...

Hopping through and I love your answer - - it is honest and to the point. :)

Sidne,the BCR said...

blog hopping and hopped on your blog. love the soft pink and aqua color. have a wonderful weekend.

Teacher/Learner said...

I admire your spontaneity! It gives you a sense of freedom to be pulled in by something that you didn't plan to get & it allows us to move outside our comfort zone. It also reaks havoc on our bank account :D Happy hopping!

My Friday post.

pussreboots said...

But I thought of six books I would buy. Come see what they are. Happy blog hop.

TwoBibliomaniacs said...

This is easily the most insightful non-answer of the day! :) I am also an impulse buyer! New follower! Have a great weekend.

Cathy said...

I can be the sam eway sometimes!! Thanks for posting. Here's my hop:

Howard Sherman said...

Wow! What a great question this week. I always peek at other people's book piles at the checkout link at B&N. That doesn't make me a voyeur, does it?

The exhibitionist in me has posted my own bookstore shopping list -- and it's not as predictable as you may think!

Hop on over to my blog for all the suspense and chills of my TBR list -

Happy Hop Friday!

Howard Sherman

Fireflywishes said...

Love your blog design! New follower :) I sometimes go for the impulse, if I don't have something specific in mind, (which usually I have at least ONE book I know I want lol).

April @ my shelf confessions

Caroline (Bon Bons and Reveries) said...

Hi! Just stopping by on the Hop. I'm your newest follower.
B&N is sooo addicting. Its one of my favorite stores. And I know what you mean...sometimes i go into B&N for ONE book and walk out with several others.
Have a great weekend :)
Caroline @ Bon Bons and Reveries

Mystica said...

I will not buy on impulse for new books! those are carefully thought of before hand. In a second hand bookshop whatever catches my eye and if I am lucky what is on my list. That is then grabbed quickly.

Happy weekend.

Beverly said...

Hey - just hoppin by! Hope you have a great weekend! Happy reading! Stop by The Wormhole and see what I think I would spend my money on! (I totally shop like you! I had to go to my wishlist and choose to answer the question!)

K W said...

Totally understand your non answer! I wouldn't have been able to answer this myself without my Amazon Wishlist that I recently filled with suggestions from friends! I always walk into B&N and look for a great cover... glad to hear Im not the only one :) Its part of the fun!

Stop by to see my book choices if you have a chance

Elizabeth said...

Very difficult question, but it is great for getting new ideas as you visit the blogs. :)

Stop by my blog if you like to see my answer.

Chelle said...

I love Jane Erye! I haven't seen the new movie waiting for it to come to my town.

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