Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday Blog Hop- Mar 18

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy-For-Books and  is a place just for book bloggers and readers to connect and share our love of the written word!  This weekly BOOK PARTY is an awesome opportunity for book bloggers to connect with other book lovers, make new friends, support each other, and generally just share our love of books!  It will also give blog readers a chance to find other book blogs to read!

This week's question is:

 "Do you read only one book at a time, or do you have several going at once?"

I am normally a monogamous book reader since I can read a regular sized book in a couple of days. However, if I'm reading something big, epic, and incredibly long I will read another book along with it to break it up a little and give me a little variety. 

Thanks for hopping by! 


Mad Scientist said...

A Monogamous book reader... love it!

I have been trying to read one book at a time this year. Success rate is about 75%.

Mad Scientist
Steampunkery & Book Reviews

Ms. C said...


Love your blog - so bright, cheerful, and interesting :) I have a reading style pretty similar to yours - I'm almost always a monogamous reader.

Take care & happy reading,
Ms C

Dizzy C said...

LOL I am monogamous too , although if I am having a bad patch with a book and I am on a break, I will entertain another book :)

enjoy ur weekend


Chelle said...

Stopping by from the Hop!Happy reading!

Mystica said...

Coming through on the blog hop.

I have no problem reading two books at a time though it does not happen often. I generally like to finish one and then start another

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

old follower here. I like your choice of words. "Monogamous."

Howard Sherman said...

Not everyone can multi-task and nobody should. When it comes to book sure, I can't read four books simultaneously (or even two, for that matter!) but there are times I'll juggle as many as four books at a time depending on the subject matter, the urgency or more often both.

The real trick to this is what KINDS of books to juggle. Hop on over to my blog and learn the method behind my madness - http://www.howardshermannet
Howard Sherman

pussreboots said...

Yes I read more than one at a time. Come see why. Happy blog hop.

Alison said...

Hopping through. I definitely think having other books to break the monotony of an epic book can help you get through the epic book.
My Hop

LibrarySnake said...

"Monogamous reader" LOL

Here's mine:

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