Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hunger Games Movie Cast

I, along with millions, have been watching these Hunger Games cast announcement with baited breath. So, now that most of the cast has been announced, I decided to share my thoughts.

Katniss Everdeen--Jennifer Lawrence
At first I was unsure of this choice. I haven't seen Winter's Bone (it's on my Netflix queue) but I heard she was fantastic. Plus she's an Oscar nominee so I'm sure she has the acting chops. I just didn't think she looked the part. At least I didn't until they released this pic in Entertainment Weekly. Hello! She looks exactly like I'd imagined her. Perfect.

Peeta Mellark- Josh Hutcherson
 This is one that had me going "WTF?" I really didn't think he looked the part because I'd only seen him with dark hair in The Kids Are All Right. However, he was good in that and there is such a thing as blonde hair dye. So, I'll reserve judgment till I see him in action.

 Gale Hawthorne- Liam Hemsworth
Oh, I had a problem with this one. Mostly because of two words...Miley Cyrus. I just didn't like the idea that Miss Cyrus could get anywhere near this movie and since Liam is dating Hannah Montana herself, this was a problem for me. I'm trying to get over it but what can I say? The chick bugs me for some reason. As long as she doesn't sing on the soundtrack or make a cameo, we'll be ok.

Haymitch Abernathy--Woody Harrelson
I love this casting! Secretly, I was really hoping for Robert Downey, Jr for this part because that would be amazing. However, when they announced this casting, I was beyond thrilled. Perfect. I think Harrelson can bring a lot of humor to the role and I know he can play a great drunk.

Cinna--Lenny Kravitz
I know this one ticked off a lot of people but I personally think it's fantastic. Kravitz was awesome in Precious. He brought a lot of heart to that role and I'm sure he can do the same for Cinna and the man can bring the fashion. So it totally works for me. If anyone can rock the gold eyeliner, it'll be Kravitz

Effie Trinket- Elizabeth Banks

I think she's perfect. I love her so I'm thrilled with this. I know a lot of people were hoping for Kristen Chenoweth, but I think she's just too cute and nice to play Effie, who basically ushers children to their death. I think Banks will be able to play the bubbly role with the little bit of edge needed.

President Snow- Donald Sutherland
I'd been holding out hope that they would use Robert John Burke for Pres. Snow (he played Bart Bass in Gossip Girl), mostly because of his voice and ability to play really creepy guys. But, this works too. I have no complaints.

Primrose Everdeen- Willow Shields
She's cute so I'm ok with it. However, (and I feel bad for saying it because she's a child) they better wax that unibrow or it'll bug me through the whole movie. Yes, I know, not nice, but I can't help it.

Rue- Amandla Stenberg
Gah! She's just so cute! I hate that she's so cute and I know what's going to happen to her. I just wanna pick her up and runaway with her so nothing bad happens. Perfection.

Caesar Flickerman--Stanley Tucci
Nothing to say here. I love Tucci so the fact that he's involved in any role makes me happy.

Mrs. Everdeen- Paula Malcomson
Well, she looks the part and she was pretty good in Lost so that's good enough for me.

 Seneca Crane- Wes Bentley
I didn't think he was in the first book much but guess they're expanding his part leading up to the rest of the films. I always imagined him a bit older but in reality, I never really spent much time picturing him so this works for me.

Ok, I left out the rest of the tributes because there are just so many of them. Even the more important tributes are being played by people I'm unfamiliar with so there was no real reaction there to talk about.

What are your thoughts on the cast? Are you excited or worried?

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