Thursday, September 9, 2010

Think About It Thursday: Fictional BFF's

Alrighty, it's Thursday and it's time for my new and small but scrappy little Think About It Thursday meme. Each week there is a bookish question which you are free to answer.

This week is about friendships.

Hermione GrangerImage via Wikipedia

Which fictional character would you most like to have as your BFF?

I'm going to go with Miss Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She's just awesome, brave, loyal and smart as hell. You know when you're in a jam she'll know what to do, usually with a stack of books as her source. What's not to love! Sure, she can be irritatingly all-knowing but if that knowledge is helping me out, I can forgive it. Plus, locking your keys in the car will never ever be a problem.

Ok, so now tell me all about your make believe best friend. If you have a question suggestion please feel free to shoot me an email, just click the link.

Also, I'm changing up the linky list a little this week and making it a blog hop link. Feel free to grab the list link and add it to your post and spread the love.


Cortney Lyon said...

I've never done a blog hop before...I hope I didn't mess up the linky thing on my page. I thought you may pick one of the Harry Potter characters when I saw the question. I am hoping that a few more people participate this week, I enjoy going to other blogs and reading everyone's answers. I will participate each week, no matter what, it makes me think about all the books I've read and I end up remembering books I hadn't thougt about in yearrs.

Liz said...

Great question Rachel! I would have to go with Jane Eyre, Jo March and Anne Shirley. I already feel a kinship or as Anne would say "we are kindred spirits." And everytime I revisit I feel like I'm visiting an old friend.

Reading Rachel said...

Yeah, my kids and I just started reading all the Harry Potters together at night and we're almost through with Chamber of Secrets. As I was reading I just thought she'd be a really handy friend to have around. :)

Roberta said...

Hey Rachael...had fun once again with this fun "exercise". Hope I did the blog hop correctly as well! Have a wonderful week, fondly, Roberta

Jazz R.J. said...

There's a blog award waiting for you over at my blog. Keep it shiny!

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