Thursday, September 2, 2010

Think About it Thursday 9-2

Think About it Thursday is a new little meme hosted by yours-truly, mostly to just entertain myself but everyone is welcome to play along. The more the merrier right. I mean people start to worry about people who play by themselves all the time, right?

So every week there is a question to be answered. You can do so on your own blog and add your link so the rest of us can go see or you can just answer in the comments. And, if you are really ambitious and would like to suggest a question for future week then go ahead and use the 'contact me' link at the top of the right sidebar and fill me in and I'll totally give you a shout-out if I use yours.

Now, this week's question is a matter of time.

Is there a specific time period you enjoy reading about more than others? Medieval, turn of the century, great depression, contemporary, futuristic? What time frame floats your boat?

I don't know why I keep asking questions that are hard for myself to answer. Perhaps, I like making life difficult for myself. It's hard for me to pick a specific time frame because lately the list dictates my reading choices and I've been getting quite the eclectic mix of subject matter, time frames, and styles. In general though, I've always been drawn to Tudor/Elizabethan era England. I completely *heart* Queen Elizabeth I, she was bad-ass and I'm a bit fond of her mom too, she got a bad rap that one. So I enjoy most books about that time frame, even if some are historically inaccurate. *Cough* The Other Boleyn Girl *Cough*. I even discovered a while back that I am related to Cardinal Wolsey who was an advisor to Henry VIII (Played by Sam Neil for you Tudors fans) He met with an unfortunate end as well but I won't talk too bad on him, he is my lots-of-greats grandfather after all. (even if it was through a bastard child with his mistress)

Ok well I've gone off track here so I'll quit. Now it's your turn!


Roberta said...

Hello Rachel! Hope you are having a great week. I'm a little late posting today...better late than never thought ;) I love the Tudors and Philippa Gregory's books even thought they aren't factual. The Other Boleyn was her best and have been disappointed since then because the rest don't measure up to the intrique of that book.

Cortney Lyon said...

I see alot of us have similiar reading interests. I have to give credit to my Aunt Roberta who reccomended my first Tudor related read, I have been hooked since. I just linked up...I was as school getting my classroom ready today. I felt so disconnected with out my internet, but I'm home now and getting my fill in blogland.

Thanks for hosting this everyweek, I really look forward to your questions and seeing everyones answers!

Super said...

Hopping by to say hi! I love browsing for books and being drawn in by the covers, but I don't do that as often as I take a list with me.

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