Thursday, September 30, 2010

Think About It Thursday 9/30

Think About It Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by yours truly. It's just a fun way to discuss topics related to reading and literature. Please join in and add your voice to the discussion.

Today's question is:
Tell us about your usual reading environment. Big cozy chair? Out in the yard? On the bus? Complete quiet or ambient noise? Where do you do most of your reading? 

I am unemployed and stay home with 3 kids so I do most of my reading at home during the day. It doesn't matter how rested I am, if I read on the couch I WILL pass out. So, I usually read in the armchair in the living room. I like it there because it's next to the front window and bright with a nice breeze from outside. I'd love to say it's quiet as well but I did mention that I have 3 kids. So, I usually read with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing in the background.

So, tell me. Where do you get your read on!


Cortney Lyon said...

Good question this week. I can't imagine trying to fit in reading time with 3 kids! I don't have any children, and I have a hard time finding a quiet place with out distractions...I don't know how you do it and read so much.

Thanks for hosting!

Drackar said...

Right here, sitting at my computer chair, sitting on the bed, or sitting on a bus/at a bus stop.

usually I get most of my reading done while i'm otherwise unoccupied waiting for something to happen...wherever that may be.

Jamie said...

I read everywhere! I'm the type of person that I can't be in one place for too long. I can read for long amounts of time but I have to get up and find a new position. I switch between 2 couches, a really comfy round chair, a reclining chair, my bed and sometimes I'll sit outside!

Roberta said...

Hey Rachel...this was fun as always! Good to see some new ladies here joining us this week...woo hoo! Have a great weekend! I'm going to be spending time with my baby...he's
Doesn't matter how big they get...they are always our babies. Which also means that I'll be getting some reading done in the car ;) Fondly, Roberta

Heather said...

Outside of the Friday and Wednesday memes, I only comment when things interest me too. Otherwise I'd have to spend my entire life commenting. I follow a lot of blogs so as to try to keep a grasp on current trends... but a lot of blogs also mean a LOT of posts about the same thing, over and over and over.

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Christopher said...

Rachel, this is an awesome question!

I ride a high-speed train from my home to down-town LA every day. I read the whole time--about an hour each way. I love it! I usually read during lunch too. So, all in all, I get some pretty significant reading time in each day.

I don't watch much TV at all; so, I am camped in the living room or office reading each night.

I wish you a wonderful weekend, and Happy Reading! Cheers! Chris

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