Monday, May 3, 2010

#10 Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking - Glass and What Alice Found There: With Fifty IllustrationsI finally managed to get some quiet time last night after my daughter went to bed. I took a long bath and finished off Through the Looking Glass. I loved Alice's Adventures in Wonderland so I figured I would love this one too and I enjoyed it but not nearly as much as the other. It was fun and silly and easy to read but I'm not sure if I was rhymed out or just tired but I was having a hard time getting as engaged in the story as I did with Alice in Wonderland. It just didn't draw me in and I found that my mind would wander to other things as I was reading. It's OK though, I still really liked it and I'm sure I'll come across many books on the list that I really don't like, probably even a few that I downright hate.

I'm hoping to move right into a new book today, though I have no idea which one yet. I'll have to go through what I have available and pick one a little later today. I have a paper for my English class tonight that needs to be attended to first as well as reading a few scenes of Streetcar Named Desire for the same class. I hate leaving it to the last minute but I need to decide on a controversial topic for my paper and I can't pick one. I better get on it, class starts in 6 hours.


Jump_Raven said...

You probably want to put some sort of a countdown on each post where you have finished a book that way we can keep count with you.

Good luck in class.

Reading Rachel said...

Great Idea, now I just need to figure out how to do that.

Jump_Raven said...

Oh, nothing complex. Just do like I do. Count the number of books you have read before Through The Looking Glass. Then add one and attach "#whatever" in the title of the blog entry. The next time you finish a book you add one to the number in the previous entry for that new entry.

I also use this website:

I am sure you can find the list you are working off of there. Then just stick a link to your list in your profile or wherever so people and you can keep track of what you have read and still have to read.

Pat Tillett said...

I though the surrealism and characters in AIW, are just too hard to top. Loved it! TTLG was also good, but couldn't compare...for me anyway!

Reading Rachel said...

That's exactly how I felt, Pat. I got so sucked into the world of Wonderland and expected the same from TTLG and it really didn't measure up to my expectations. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't read it right after AIW.

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