Sunday, May 9, 2010


I want to take a quick second to throw a huge 'Happy Mother's Day' put there to all the moms in the world. Whether you gave birth to them, adopted them, took them in, became a step-mom, are a dad playing both roles or even if you gave them up to better their lives, today is about you. As a mom, I do think it's a little bogus that, for all moms do, we only get one day of recognition so make it count. Go do something special for the moms in your life today. Even something as simple as telling her how much you love and appreciate her will mean the world. Just don't forget to tell them on the other days of the year as well.

I have a fantastic mom, a wonderful mother-in-law (seriously!), perfect grandmothers, and even a great woman who became the step-mom to my oldest children after my divorce. She takes care of my boys like her own when they are at her house and I'm very grateful for that. Happy Mother's Day!

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