Friday, May 21, 2010


Ever since I came home from California I'm finding it's becoming harder for me to sit and read for any great length of time. In the past, when a book really captured my attention I could sit and read for hours, just completely immersing myself in the story. Lately I just can't sit for more than 20 or 30 minutes before I get distracted. I'm halfway through The Count of Monte Cristo and I am really enjoying the story but still just can't find the time to really read it. It seems life just keeps getting in the way. I'll sit down to read and make it through one chapter and then my daughter needs a snack/drink/kiss/attention or my sons will start fighting and I'll have to go break it up. Other times I'll be reading and look out the window and starting thinking through all the yard work that needs to be done or realize that I need to change out the laundry. It's never ending. I'm finding myself carrying the book around with me so I can sneak in a page or two in between tasks but it's very hard to read a novel a couple of pages at a time.

Maybe I need to hire a nanny, gardener and housekeeper to take care of all these tasks that keep distracting me so I can enjoy reading like I used to. Yeah, that's really going happen, right after Publisher's Clearing House shows up on my doorstep.

Until then I guess I continue reading one chapter (or page) at a time. 

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Jump_Raven said...

I've done that with films. 5 minutes there, 10 minutes there, until I finish it.

I do the same with books. Toilet trips and doctor's appointments.

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