Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moby Dick, Week #2

It was a little harder this week but I made it through the second section of Moby Dick. I am at chapter 37 which means I'm a running a little behind my goal but not by much.

For me, the story stalled a little this week. We finally get on the boat and set sail. I was excited and ready to find some whale but, alas, I had to be introduced to each and every member of the crew first. Ok, I can deal with that and the fact that pegleg Captain Ahab is being mysterious and hiding out a lot is compelling, I want to learn more about him.

Oh, but wait, we have to get a detailed explanation of every type of whale first, which reads like a textbook. Zzzzz. Once we muddled through the day's marine biology lesson the story started to pick up again. The aloof Captain Ahab called a meeting and explained that he doesn't want just any whale. He wants the notorious white whale that they call Moby Dick. The same whale that took his leg. Now we're talking! I love me a man hell bent on revenge. So despite dragging a bit this week, I think we're starting to pick back up and I have higher hopes for week 3.

Big thanks to BookSnob for hosting this challenge and encouraging me to embrace a book I had no desire to read. Also to Book Snob Wannabe for being daring enough to take this voyage as well.


Booksnob said...

Starbucks actually named their coffee shop after Starbuck. Isn't that cool! A reader of my blog informed me today.

Tyrie said...

I do not envy you. I will not even teach this book, much less read it for pleasure ... yeck. It's like eating your brusselsprouts - you know it's good for you, but ...

Reading Rachel said...

That's cool, Laura! I love little bits of useless trivia. Makes sense, every time they mention him, I start to crave a white mocha.

Tyrie- You're scaring me! I enjoyed the first 100 or so pages but the next 100, not so much. Was hoping for it to pick back up but now I'm worried the rest of the book will fall into suck.

Pat Tillett said...

you've done some good reading lately! I'm just too darn busy to set aside any time right now..
keep it up!

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