Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moby Dick Challenge Week 1

Ok I made ti through the first week of the Moby Dick Challenge hosted by Laura at Book Snob. It's a 6 week challenge with us reading 100 pages per week. I ended up a few pages shy this week due to having finals last week but I'm out for summer break now so I'll catch up this week. I did managed to read the first 16 chapters though.

I have actually been pleasantly surprised by this book. I always expected a bit of a dry read about a giant whale and a book filled with sailing terms I wouldn't understand.  Granted we haven't actually gotten out to sea yet so the confusing sailing terms could still make an appearance but I'm invested in the story now so I won't mind googling them as much. 

So far we have met Ishmael, a sailor who decided he wanted to try his hand at whaling and is on his way to Nantucket to join a whaling crew. Along the way he meets Qeequeg, a rather enjoyable character who he ends up bunking with while waiting for his ride to Nantucket. The first meeting of Qeequeg and Ishmael was thoroughly entertaining and actually made me laugh in several places, something I never thought this book would do.

 I'll admit I thought that reading the 100 pages was going to be a chore every week but I find that I am actually looking forward to reading more. I'm already emotionally invested in Ishmael and his new BFF Qeequeg.

We're only a week in, so if you'd like to read along with us just head over to Book Snob and join up. It's been a good time so far.


Nora said...

This book is on my TBR list :)
I have way too much to read at the moment though, but I'll get to this book eventually :).
Nice review so far :)

Booksnob said...

Great Post. I am really liking the book as well.

Jamie said...

I have put Moby Dick down countless times! Good luck with your challenge! Love your blog btw. Alot of members on my College Students group on Goodreads are trying to tackle this 1001 list! I'll pass your blog their way!

Reading Rachel said...

Thank you! I'm really hoping that the rest of the book reads as well as the first part has.

I read The Old Man and the Sea in high school and was bored to tears and I've been a little leery of fishing/sailing books ever since.So far pleasantly surprised.

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