Thursday, October 28, 2010

Think About It Thursday 10/28

Ok, I'm going to apologize for being fairly mute lately. My sister-in-law moved in, life is kicking my ass and I just can't find time to read lately. I'll try and work on that a little and get some real content going again.

Think About it Thursday is a very little meme I started to discuss bookish topics. This week in honor of Halloween I'm going to take a suggestion I received from the fabulous Roberta at Con-Tain-It. So, in honor of the upcoming holiday (one of my personal favs)...

What are your favorite 'scary' books or stories? 

The Tell-Tale HeartThe first thing that came to mind when I ask myself this question is a fairly obvious one, even though technically it's not exactly a book but a short story, Edgar Allan Poe's Tell-Tale Heart. I love the whole 'haunted by guilt, decent into madness' theme. Of course there is also the obvious choices like Dracula and Interview with a Vampire. For more lighthearted fare I like the Sookie Stackhouse novels that the show True Blood is based upon. It's supernatural fare works well for Halloween and are fun, light reading material.

Now tell me about your spooky favs.


Cortney Lyon said...

I agree, Poe scared the crap out of my when I had to read it in high school. There aren't any writers these days that writes like him.

Roberta said...

Hey Rachel...THANKS SO MUCH for linking my blog up in your sweet ;) So sorry that I'm so late posting tonight...we've been out of town for work for three days and just got back this afternoon. Also I've got the worst migrane today...out weather is really funky here in North Carolina this week...lots of tornados and hot, humid weather this week! Sure doesn't feel like fall. Hope you have a better week with all that is going on in your household as well. Take care and looking forward to more Think About It Thursdays, fondly, Roberta

Via-91 said...

Nice Blog :)

Booksnob said...

Hey Rachel just stopping by to say hi, hope all is well and you are having a good year.

Katie said...

I just wrote about the Beauty & the Beast library!

Following you from BookBlogs.

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