Thursday, October 14, 2010

Internet Issues

 I had a bit of drama with my internet connection the last few days. They came to bury my line and screwed it up instead. It's all fixed now but I'm a little behind on all things web related. Should be back to normal soon.

Can I tell you how much I LOVE talking to idiot tech support people for hours? How hard is it to understand that I didn't have a problem until your guys came and dug holes outside, therefore the problem is probably not n my house or with the way my cables are hooked up? People drive me crazy when they won't listen to the whole issue first!

OK, done venting. Thanks for listening.


Roberta said...

Boy do I hear your frustrations with those techies...but then again my DH says I'm the worst "end-user"...too funny! Looking forward to next week's Think About It Thursday. Have a great weekend and be sure to stop by and visit on saturday for BLOG ACTION DAY 2010 ;)
Fondly, Roberta

Drackar said...

For most companies, first and second level tech support have the education and training of gradeschool best. They have a book. and if they deviate from what the book says...they are lost.

Cortney Lyon said...

Welcome to the "My Computer Sucks Club". There is a new TV show coming on this fall about customer service people in India, and I'm sure it will be funny, but I'm still so mad at the people from HP who were clearly NOT located within the US that I think the show would just bring up my feelings of anger again. Thanks to a local friend, I should have my own computer back soon...until then I'm being a computer whore and borrowing my friends.

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